• Well Pet Exams and Vaccinations: *

    Dr. Lewison follows all AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) and AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) guidelines when vaccinating pets. In addition, we provide heartworm testing and parasite prevention.

    * one of our comfortable exam rooms pictured on the left.

  • Routine Surgeries:

    Lakeside Companion Animal Clinic offers routine surgery options such as Spay and Neuter. All surgical procedures include presurgical bloodwork, pain management, fluid therapy during anesthesia, manual and electronic anesthesia monitoring and free suture removal appointment for follow-up. We believe that even the most routine surgical procedures require attention to detail and patient comfort.

    * our state of the art surgery room pictured on the left.

  • Dental Prophylaxis and Treatments:

    We offer Dental Prophylaxis (cleaning, polishing, oral exam and dental x-rays), tooth extraction and bonded sealants.

    * our dental treatment area is pictured to the left.

  • Diagnostics:

    Lakeside Companion Animal Clinic features digital full-body x-ray and ultrasound to diagnose ailments. In addition, we are able to perform pre-breeding OFA exams (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and ultrasounds to determine pregnancy.

    * our xray area is pictured on the left.

  • Behavior Counseling:

    Dr. Lewison has additional training and experience in behavioral medicine. A behavioral consultation visit involves working with you and your pet to formulate a training plan and discuss treatment options for dealing with your pet's behavioral issues.

  • Drop-Off Appointment:

    For No daycare/day hospitalization fee, you can drop your animal off for routine care such as well pet/vaccine appointments or to be evaluated for an illness

    When you drop your animal off Dr. Lewison or a staff member will visit with you, note your concerns and complete any necessary paperwork. If your animal has been ill, we will obtain a history and explain any possible testing we need your consent to perform. If you are able to be reached by phone or email, we will be in touch throughout the day as needed to evaluate and treat your pet.

    You can leave your pet for the full work day or a few hours, whatever suits your schedule.

    When you return, we will discuss your pet's case and answer any questions you may have.